anxiety and intrusive thoughts

You worry constantly. About things that happened five minutes ago, ten years ago, things that haven’t even happened yet and probably won’t ever happen. Whhyyyyyyyy?

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set healthy boundaries

You’re tired of feeling taken advantage of, but you don’t want people to think you’re a bitch! Hop off this unnecessary no-win guilt train.

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move past childhood trauma

Whether you know your family life was fcked up, or you think it was good but you don’t remember most of it (but you know you dad was an alcoholic)… either way, you suspect old stuff is getting in the way of your current life.

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Individual therapy for women who want to (feel like they) have their shit together.

Most of my clients walk into my office struggling with anxiety, depression, self-doubt or a sense being of stuck. My goal is to help you walk out feeling a renewed sense of direction and hope. Growth happens when we work together to make sense of your story and the obstacles that have held you back from the life you want.

I’m a self-described nerd, and I’m always finding new books to read about different ways to work with all the crap that gets in the way of feeling content.

I’m trained in EMDR (2018) and the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method (2019), and began training in Somatic Experiencing®️ in 2019. I integrate many SE™️ principles in sessions.

individual therapy in little rock Arkansas

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