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Due to the COVID19 crisis, Therapy with Holly is currently only conducting sessions via telehealth counseling

Anxiety & Trauma Therapy in Little Rock, AR

Start dealing with your feelings.

You take care of everyone else, and make sure they’re okay- you think you don’t really matter.

Your kids come first. So does your significant other. And your boss. Also your coworkers, even the one you don’t really like. And your parents. Oh, and your in-laws, sure. And the cashier at the grocery store!- you don’t want her to be uncomfortable at all. Really, as long as everyone else is happy and safe, you’re fine! Really. Resentment and exhaustion are just part of life, right? Constant frustration and frequent crying for no reason are …. well, are they normal?

anxiety and intrusive thoughts

You can’t turn your brain off and stop overthinking. When you’re still, your brain thinks of all these terrible things that might happen. You KNOW it’s not rational, and these things probably won’t happen, but what if they did?! It’s enough to make you feel crazy.

I’m ready to worry less

set healthy boundaries

You know you take on too much, but you can’t say no when someone asks you for help. You’re the go-to for everything. Since you HATE confrontation saying no is definitely not an option. You’d feel so selfish if you took a break or declined another project- but you’re exhausted.

I want to set limits

move past childhood trauma

Maybe you know your family life was fcked up, or perhaps you think it was good but you don’t remember most of it (but your know your dad was an alcoholic). Either way, you want to learn from your past and not let it define you.

I want to move forward

Individual therapy for women who want to get their shit together.

Most of my clients walk into my office struggling with anxiety, depression, self-doubt or a sense being of stuck. My goal is to help you walk out feeling a renewed sense of direction and hope. Growth happens when we work together to make sense of your story and the obstacles that have held you back from the life you want.

I’m trained in EMDR (2018) and the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method (2019), and began training in Somatic Experiencing®️ in 2019. I integrate many SE™️ principles in sessions.

individual therapy in little rock Arkansas

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