In case you wanted to know…

So, feelings or emotions (or feels, or feefees) are how we know how we’re doing in the world. The bad news is, the more we work to make them go away, the harder it is to feel the ones we WANT to feel. The good news is, helping people figure out how the hell to feel feelings and deal with them, is what I love doing most. I, possibly like you, hate it when I feel pissed or hurt. It’s not comfortable!!! But I have some skills I can tell you about, and we can try some of them out together, and many of them you’ll try out on your own, and see what fits. As an added bonus, we can brainstorm ways to help you decide when to let yourself work with big feelings, and when it’s more helpful to shift your attention if the heavy feels seem to be sucking you into a black hole. Just remember, feelings aren’t facts, and emotions always pass.

I will most likely help you work on finding ways to work with your breathing as a sort of reverse psychology way of working with your emotions. Our “feelings” (emotions) are directly, physically, biologically, literally connected to the different organs in our bodies, and that definitely includes our lungs. Most of the time we breathe on autopilot, without a second thought, and we only pay attention to our breathing when we’re panicking or livid or so excited it feels like panicking. I can help you learn as much or as little as you want about how all this works, and help brainstorm ways to start using your breathing as just one of various tools to manage emotions in a way that feels better to you.

Yep! I finished EMDR training in early 2018 and currently in ongoing consultation to work toward certification.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It’s less talky than talk therapy usually is. Long story short, it involves thinking of different elements of a really challenging event or experience, and noticing how your thoughts or emotions about it shift as your eyes move back and forth. We can chat more about it during a consultation call if you’d like.