My Story

Hey! I’m Holly Scott. I love traveling to the Pacific Northwest in the summer, and knitting with my cats, Gib and Toast, in the winter. Spending $90 on crafting supplies to DIY something that costs $15 is my jam, and if chips & queso contained all the nutrients a human needs to thrive, I’d be the healthiest person alive!

I’ve lived in Arkansas for most of my life, and in the central area for the last 10+ years. People and personalities have always fascinated me- from those I’ve known in real life, to sketch comedy characters- so psychology was a natural path for me in college. The more I learn about how brains & nervous systems work, the more intrigued I get! 

I earned my Master of Science in Counseling Psychology several years ago, and I attend various therapy and psychology trainings every year to help keep my skills sharp. Learning and sharing information & skills I’ve learned, and being a neutral third party for folks to bounce their thoughts, emotions, and ideas off of as they figure out their own shit, is my favorite part of the job. In my work, emotions are information- they contain important info about our lives, like if things are going super great- or super shitty. In therapy with me, clients learn to identify and understand subtle differences in their emotions and behaviors, find ways to make sense of these puzzle pieces, and start putting them together in a way that feels better to them.

My Approach

You’ve got all the feels (or none of them?) and don’t know what to do about it. You’re the expert on you; I’m the one who geeks out on the ways emotions and brains and thoughts work together to make people feel anxious, pissed, or calm.

I help people make sense of their automatic responses, understand their emotions, and decide how to set and feel okay about their own boundaries. It’s kind of like reverse psychology, but on yourself: we learn how to acknowledge, accept, and deal with emotions like anger and fear, instead of spending a ton of energy trying to ignore or shove those emotions down. With our powers combined, let’s figure out how you can stop overthinking, cry at times that feel more appropriate, and decide what your limits are for helping other people while still taking care of yourself and those closest to you.

I’m trained in EMDR and will finish the intermediate year of Somatic Experiencing in February 2021.